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  • Thanh Tâm Logistic Chất Lượng Phục Vụ Là Hàng Đầu (Thanh Tam Logistic Service Quality Is Top)

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consol sea shipping routes Malaysia

Thanh Tam Logistic is one of leading consolidator in HCMC, Vietnam both for import and export groupage container. Specialist routing and Cross Trade traffic can be executed efficiently through...

Air shipping liner USA, AUSTRALIA

The contract with reputable airlines to quickly present a good place for customers transporting goods by air is also a top priority when TAM THANH LOGISTIC is on the market. Customers can...

Road transport

With a team of professional truck available in all provinces and cities nationwide, TAM THANH LOGISTIC brings perfect peace of mind to meet the demand for transportation of goods by road to...

HOTLINE: 0909020484 / 0966450484